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Other J's

Le Febvre fails as a Grove Online search. As one word:

  • NG article by David Tunley Lefebvre [Le Fevre], Jacques by David Tunley fl early 17th century). French composer. He was a composer to the king until 1619. The 36 vocal pieces constituting his Meslanges de musique [1613] are in the polyphonic tradition of the previous century.
  • NG article by Oldham Lefèvre [Lefebvre, Fêvre, Lefeure, Lefébure] is on an organ building dynasty of at least 23 members, among them Jean Lefèvre (i) (b ?Paris, c1550; d Toulouse, after 1598)
  • Lefèvre (patronyme)Link to the French Wikipedia article has undisambiguated Jean le Fèvre & Jean Le Fèbvre with capital L, and suggests that in modern times the U spelling is associated with Normandy.

Richard Mix (talk) 21:35, 23 September 2019 (UTC)