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The words "Great Lord Of Lords (&c.)" were written some time between 1858 and 1905 by Rev. Henry Ramsden Bramley (also author of "O thou the central orb") either; at the request of Charles Wood, for his anthems of the same name (e.g. ) or by his, Rev. Bramley or some other editor of Gibbons' work, wishing to bring his wonderful secular works ("For the King being in Scotland" & "Rapid Recovery" - the work now known as "O thou the central Orb") to a wider audience with their sacred use.

For further reference: A history of English Cathedral Music

Obviously, Gibbons cannot have written these pieces with these words (Great Lord of Lords) in mind. It's also plain that if a 19th centry music editor (or Bramley himself) hadn't used these words, then these two wonderful pieces would rarely, if ever be performed today.