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CPDL #33470 Measure 42, Tenore I, shows a G (1/2) tied to a G flat (1/8), which is, of course, impossible. The symbol used between the notes is obviously a tie, not a slur, and therefore the two notes must have the same pitch.

This is obviously a transposition error. This score was encoded from a reference written in the key signatures d minor and D major respectively, and the accidentals for this notes (1/2 + 1/8 F#) were erraneously captured during the encoding process. I´m not exaktly sure about the original key for this piece, but to my knowledge it is often performed in eb minor/Eb major, i.e, transposed up 1 half tone. Due to the differences in accidentals, the two notes were then transposed to different pitches in the automated transposition of the score in the notation program used (G + Gb, which is obviously wrong, as stated in the remarks above). The correct sequence for the Tenore I voice in measure 42 is of course one half note G tied to one eighth note G, followed by an eighth rest and a fourth rest.

I have now added a new version of the score with this correction included. Thanks to Anders Löfgren for pinpointing the problem. MWE (talk) 13:44, 10 October 2017 (UTC)