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Mixed Publications

Name Genre Voices First Publication Notes
Le quatoirsiesme livre a 4 parties Mixed 4 1555 Lasso's first publication, commonly referred to as "Opus 1". Contains 12 madrigals and 6 each of villanelles, chansons, and motets.
Viersprachendruck Mixed 4, 8 1573 Known as the "Four-Language Print," this publication contains 6 each of motets, lieder, chansons, and madrigals.
Madrigali a 4 voci, libro primo Madrigal 4 1560 Lasso's first and only book of madrigals for 4 voices.
Primo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1555
Secondo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1557
Terzo libro di madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1563
Libro quarto de madrigali a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1567
Madrigali: novamente compostia a 5 voci Madrigal 5 1583
Lagrime di San Pietro Spiritual Madrigal 7 1595 Lasso's final work, completed just before his death in 1595.
Libro de villanelle, moresche, ed altre canzoni Villanelle 4-8 1581
Premier livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 Pre-1570
Second livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 Pre-1570 Contrary to its name, the majority of this publication is dedicated to Italian madrigals.
Tiers livre des chansons a 4, 5, et 6 parties Chanson 4-6 Pre-1570
Quatriesme livre des chansons a 4 et 5 parties Chanson 4-5 Pre-1570
Nouvelles chansons a 4 parties, le premier livre Chanson 4 1566
Etliche auserlesne kürtze gute geistliche und weltliche Liedlein mit 4 Stimmen Chanson 4 1582 A book of pre-existing chansons re-set to German texts.
Neue teütsche Liedlein mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1567 Lasso's first book of lieder.
Der ander Theil teutscher Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1572 Lasso's second book of lieder.
Der dritte Teil schöner, neuer, teutscher Lieder (…) mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1576 Lasso's third book of lieder.
Fuerstlichen Bayrischen Cappellenmeisters Teutsche Lieder mit 5 Stimmen Lieder 5 1583 Lasso's first three books of lieder combined.
Neue teutsche Lieder, geistlich und weltlich mit 4 Stimmen Lieder 4 1583 Lasso's fourth book of lieder.
Neue teutsche, und etliche frantzösische Gesäng mit 6 Stimmen Lieder 6 1590 Lasso's last book of lieder, which also included some French chansons.
Teutsche Psalmen: geistliche Psalmen mit 3 Stimmen Sacred Lieder 3 1588 A book of 3-voice German Psalms.
Psalmi Davidis Poenitentialis Sacred Motet 2-6 1584 A setting of the Penitential Psalms of David.
Hieremiæ prophetæ lamentationes, et aliæ piæ cantiones Sacred Motet 5 1585 Contains Lasso's 5-voice setting of the Lamentations of Jeremiah in addition to several other motets. A 4-voice setting of the same text also exists in manuscript form, written c.1588.
Cantiones sacrae Sacred Motet 6 1594
Prophetiae Sibyllarum Sacred-ish Motet 4 1600 A set of unusually chromatic motets in praise of the 12 Sibyls (Greek prophetesses), published after Lasso's death. According to a date written on the autograph manuscript, they were likely composed sometime before 1560.
Magnum Opus Musicum Sacred Motet 2-12 1604 An enormous posthumous publication consisting of 514 of Lasso's collected motets, a large portion of his sacred output. Link is to IMSLP article.

Modern editions