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Born: 25 December 1771 in Edgefield District, South Carolina

Died: 1822

Biography Robert Boyd spent most of his adult life in the area of Knoxville, Tennessee. He was an ensign in the Knox Regiment beginning June 16, 1792, promoted to captain on February 3, 1795. He married Margaret Meek in Knox County on April 3, 1793; they moved to Blount County, Tennessee shortly thereafter. Apparently Robert Boyd assisted Ananias Davisson in preparing the second edition of Kentucky Harmony. Robert Boyd contributed eight tunes to Davisson's books.

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Works of Robert Boyd¹

Title Year Key Meter First Line Comment
Albion 1816 G S. M. Come, ye that love the Lord
David's Victory 1822 B 77.77.10 10. Now your festal rites prepare
Effort 1825
Female Convict 1822 a 12 12.12 12.D. O sleep not my babe, for the morn of tomorrow Also in Southern Harmony
Judgment 1813 e L. M. D. My God, what inward grief I feel
Milinda 1816 e L. M. In vain the wealthy mortals toil Also in Southern Harmony
New Orleans 1816 e C. M. Why do we mourn departing friends Also in Southern Harmony
Salvation 1816 e C. M. Come, humble sinner, in whose breast Also in Southern Harmony
¹. Music 1983.