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{{Request|Hodie completi sunt, 6vv|Orlando di|Lasso|2004-10-12|Completed}}
{{Request|Hodie completi sunt, 6vv|Orlando di|Lasso|2004-10-12|Completed|
|volunteer=Adam P. Cole
<b>Requested by:</b> Unknown
<b>Additional notes:</b>
<b>Volunteer:</b> [[User:Adam_P._Cole|Adam Cole]]
<b>Date Completed:</b> 2005-03-15; reuploaded 2006-06-04 after original page vanished from site
<b>[[{{PAGENAME}}|Click Here]]</b> to view score page

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Title: Hodie completi sunt, 6vv

Composer: Orlando di Lasso

Date of request: 2004-10-12

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2005-03-15

Volunteer: Adam P. Cole

Location of requested score: Hodie completi sunt (Orlando di Lasso)