Oliveria Prescott

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Born: 3 September 1842

Died: 9 September 1919


Oliveria Louisa Prescott was born in London. She studied at the Royal Academy of Music under George Alexander Macfarren and became his artistic assistant and copyist. She wrote a number of books on music including Form or Design in Vocal and Instrumental Music and About music, and what it is made of; a book for amateurs, the later published in 1904 and dedicated: “To the memory of My Master George Alexander Macfarren. ‘I was eyes to the blind’—Job xxix.15.” She lectured in harmony and composition for Newnham College, Cambridge, and taught harmony at the High School for Girls in Baker Street, London. She composed two symphonies, several overtures, a piano concerto, shorter orchestral pieces, vocal works, and choral works.

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