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General Information

Description: The New Version is a short name for a metrical psalter in common use in English-speaking countries from the end of the seventeenth century to the middle nineteenth century. It was intended to replace the Old Version of the sixteenth century. The New Version was eventually replaced by the psalm paraphrases of Isaac Watts (beginning in 1719) and other authors, although a few New Version Psalms remain in use (Psalms 34, 42, 95, and 148, for example). Early editions vary in certain Psalms (see table below).

A Supplement was added in 1700, which included many tunes. Because of this, it is a separate publication, A Supplement to the New Version of Psalms.

Citation: Tate, Nahum, and Nicholas Brady. 1696. A New Version of the Psalms of David, Fitted to the Tunes used in Churches. London, England: M. Clark, for the Company of Stationers. 320 pp.

Publication date and place: 1696 by M. Clark in London.
Authors: Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady.


  • Glass, Henry A. 1888. The Story of the Psalters: A History of the Metrical Versions pf Great Britain and America. London: Kegan Paul, Tranch and Company. 208 pp.
  • Julian, John. 1907. A Dictionary of Hymnology, Second Revised Edition. Volume I, A-O, 892 pp. Volume II, P-Z, 895 pp. Reprinted by Dover, New York, 1957.
  • Leaver, Robin A. 1997. The Failure That Succeeded: The New Version of Tate and Brady. The Hymn 48(4):22-31.

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Table of Contents

Table 1. Contents of 1696-1698 publications
The following table is based on:
  1. The 1696 Edition, published in London, England, by M. Clark, 320 pp.
  2. The 1698 Edition, published in London, England, by T. Hodgkin, 249 pp.
Title Pt. Sts. Meter First Line First Line 1698 (if changed) Meter 1698
Ps. 1 6 C. M. Happy the man whom ill advice How blest is he who ne'er consents
Ps. 2 13 C. M. With restless and ungoverned rage
Ps. 3 8 C. M. How numerous, Lord, of late are grown How many, Lord, of late are grown
Ps. 4 8 C. M. O Lord that art my righteous Judge
Ps. 5 11 C. M. Lord, hear the voice of my complaint
Ps. 6 9 C. M. Thy dreadful anger, Lord, restrain
Ps. 7 14 C. M. O Lord my God, as I have placed O Lord, my God, since I have placed
Ps. 8 8 C. M. O thou, to whom all creatures bow
Ps. 9 1 10 C. M. To celebrate thy praise, O Lord
Ps. 9 2 9 C. M. When he enquiry makes for blood
Ps. 10 1 10 C. M. Thy presence why withdrawest, Lord Thy presence why withdrawest Thou, Lord
Ps. 10 2 8 C. M. For God, they think no notice takes
Ps. 11 7 C. M. Since I in God have placed my trust Since I have placed my trust in God
Ps. 12 8 C. M. Since godly men decay, O Lord
Ps. 13 6 C. M. How long wilt thou forget me, Lord
Ps. 14 7 L. M. Sure wicked fools must needs suppose
Ps. 15 7 C. M. Lord, who's the happy man that may
Ps. 16 11 C. M. Protect me from my cruel foes
Ps. 17 1 8 C. M. To my just plea, my sad complaint
Ps. 17 2 8 C. M. O! keep me in thy tenderest care
Ps. 18 1 5 L. M. No change of times shall ever shock No change of time shall ever shock
Ps. 18 2 8 L. M. When God arose to take my part When God arose my part to take
Ps. 18 3 7 L. M. The Lord did on my side engage
Ps. 18 4 7 L. M. Thou suitest, O Lord, thy righteous ways
Ps. 18 5 10 L. M. Tis God that girds my armor on
Ps. 18 6 8 L. M. Out factious tribes, at strife till now
Ps. 19 1 6 C. M. The heavens declare thy glory, Lord
Ps. 19 2 8 C. M. God's perfect law converts the soul
Ps. 20 8 C. M. The Lord to my request attend
Ps. 21 1 6 C. M. The king, O Lord, with songs of praise
Ps. 21 2 7 C. M. Because the king on God alone
Ps. 22 1 7 C. M. My God, my God, why leavest thou me
Ps. 22 2 5 C. M. Thou madest my teeming mother's womb
Ps. 22 3 10 C. M. My blood like water spilled, my joints
Ps. 22 4 7 C. M. Thus in the court's religious throng Thus in thy sacred courts will I
Ps. 23 6 C. M. Since God doth me, his worthless charge The Lord Himself, the mighty Lord
Ps. 24 10 C. M. This spacious earth is all the Lord's
Ps. 25 1 8 C. M. To thee, the God in whom I trust To God, in whom I trust S. M.
Ps. 25 2 12 C. M. Since mercy is thy darling grace Since mercy is the grace S. M.
Ps. 26 9 C. M. Judge me, O Lord, for I the paths
Ps. 27 1 6 C. M. Whom should I fear, since God to me
Ps. 27 2 8 C. M. Continue, Lord, to hear my voice
Ps. 28 10 C. M. O Lord, my rock, to thee I cry
Ps. 29 8 L. M. Ye princes that in might excel
Ps. 30 11 C. M. I'll celebrate thy praises, Lord
Ps. 31 1 6 S. M. Defend me, Lord, from shame
Ps. 31 2 8 S. M. The mercies thou hast shown
Ps. 31 3 10 S. M. Whate'er events betide
Ps. 32 10 L. M. Thrice blest, whose sins have pardon gained
Ps. 33 1 8 C. M. Let all the just to God with joy
Ps. 33 2 6 C. M. How happy then are they, to whom
Ps. 34 1 9 C. M. Through all the changing scenes of life
Ps. 34 2 9 C. M. Approach, ye piously disposed
Ps. 35 1 10 C. M. Against all those that strive with me
Ps. 35 2 8 C. M. False witnesses with forged complaints
Ps. 35 3 11 C. M. So I, before the listening world
Ps. 36 10 L. M. My crafty foe with flattering art
Ps. 37 1 6 888.888. Though wicked men grow rich or great
Ps. 37 2 5 888.888. While sinful crowds with fell design While sinful crowds with false design
Ps. 37 3 5 888.888. While sinners brought to sad decay
Ps. 37 4 5 888.888. In vain the watchful sinner lies
Ps. 38 1 6 C. M. Correct me not in anger, Lord Thy chastening wrath, O Lord, restrain
Ps. 38 2 10 C. M. But Lord, before thy searching eyes
Ps. 39 12 C. M. Resolved to watch o'er all my ways
Ps. 40 1 7 L. M. I waited meekly for the Lord
Ps. 40 2 5 L. M. In full assemblies I have told
Ps. 40 3 5 L. M. But Lord, to my relief draw near
Ps. 41 12 C. M. Happy the man, whose tender care
Ps. 42 12 C. M. As pants a hart for cooling streams
Ps. 43 5 L. M. Against my wicked rebel foes Just Judge of heaven, against my foes
Ps. 44 1 8 C. M. O Lord, our fathers oft have told
Ps. 44 2 6 C. M. But thou hast cast us off, and now
Ps. 44 3 7 C. M. On us this mass of woes has fallen On us this heap of woes has fallen
Ps. 45 1 10 C. M. While I the King's loud praise rehearse
Ps. 45 2 8 C. M. But thou, O royal Bride, give ear
Ps. 46 5 888.888. God is our refuge in distress
Ps. 47 5 L. M. O all ye people, clap your hands
Ps. 48 12 C. M. The Lord is great, and o'er the gods The Lord, the only God, is great
Ps. 49 1 10 C. M. Let all the listening world attend
Ps. 49 2 8 C. M. How great their folly is who thus
Ps. 50 12 888.888. The Lord hath spoke, the mighty God
Ps. 51 1 8 C. M. My God, as thou hast always been Have mercy, Lord, on me S. M.
Ps. 51 2 9 C. M. Withdraw not thou thy presence, Lord Withdraw not thou thy help S. M.
Ps. 52 8 C. M. In vain, O man of matchless might
Ps. 53 6 C. M. The wicked fools must sure suppose
Ps. 54 5 C. M. Lord, save me, for thy glorious name
Ps. 55 1 6 C. M. Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth
Ps. 55 2 8 C. M. Destroy, O Lord, their ill designs
Ps. 55 3 6 C. M. God has released my soul from those
Ps. 56 12 C. M. Do thou, O God, in mercy help
Ps. 57 10 L. M. Thy mercy, Lord, to me extend
Ps. 58 11 C. M. Speak, O ye judges of the earth
Ps. 59 18 C. M. Deliver me, O Lord my God
Ps. 60 10 L. M. O God who hast our troops dispersed
Ps. 61 6 C. M. Lord, hear my cry, regard my prayer
Ps. 62 10 L. M. My soul for help on God relies
Ps. 63 6 888.888. O God, my gracious God, to thee
Ps. 64 10 C. M. Lord, hear the voice of my complaint
Ps. 65 1 6 L. M. For thee, O Lord, our constant praise
Ps. 65 2 6 L. M. Thou, Lord, dost barbarous lands dismay
Ps. 66 1 6 C. M. Let all the lands with shouts of joy
Ps. 66 2 9 C. M. O all ye nations, bless our God
Ps. 67 7 S. M. To bless thy chosen race
Ps. 68 1 10 L. M. Let God, the God of battle rise
Ps. 68 2 13 L. M. Thou gavest the word, we sallied forth
Ps. 68 3 12 L. M. When entering to thy blest abode While marching to thy blest abode
Ps. 69 26 L. M. Save me, O God, from waves that roll
Ps. 70 5 L. M. O Lord, to my relief draw near
Ps. 71 1 10 C. M. In thee I put my steadfast trust
Ps. 71 2 10 C. M. Thy righteous acts and saving health
Ps. 72 1 12 C. M. Lord, let thy just decrees the king
Ps. 72 2 11 C. M. His eye the humble patient man His providence for needy souls
Ps. 73 1 10 L. M. At length by certain proofs tis plain
Ps. 73 2 9 L. M. To fathom this my thoughts I bent
Ps. 74 1 8 C. M. Why hast thou cast us off, O God
Ps. 74 2 8 C. M. But Lord, how long wilt thou permit
Ps. 74 3 6 C. M. Remember, Lord, how scornful foes
Ps. 75 10 C. M. To thee, O God, we render praise
Ps. 76 6 888.888. In Judah the Almighty's known
Ps. 77 17 C. M. To God I sent my mournful cry To God I cried, Who to my help
Ps. 78 1 28 C. M. Hear, O my people, to my law
Ps. 78 2 18 C. M. Yet still they sinned, nor would afford
Ps. 78 3 14 C. M. Yet still they tempted, still provoked
Ps. 79 13 C. M. Behold, O God, the heathen have Behold, O God, how heathen hosts
Ps. 80 1 7 L. M. O Israel's Shepherd, Jacob's Guide
Ps. 80 2 5 L. M. Thou brought a vine from Egypt's land
Ps. 80 3 6 L. M. To thee, O God of hosts, we pray
Ps. 81 1 8 C. M. To God, our never-failing strength
Ps. 81 2 9 C. M. While I my solemn will declare
Ps. 82 7 C. M. God in the great assembly stands
Ps. 83 1 8 C. M. Hold not thy peace, O Lord our God
Ps. 83 2 8 C. M. But let such vengeance come to them
Ps. 84 13 C. M. O God of hosts, the mighty Lord
Ps. 85 10 C. M. Lord, thou hast granted to thy land
Ps. 86 1 8 C. M. To my complaint, O Lord my God
Ps. 86 2 7 C. M. Teach me thy way, O Lord, and I
Ps. 87 4 888.888. God's temple crowns the holy mount
Ps. 88 12 L. M. To thee my God and Savior I
Ps. 89 1 21 L. M. Thy mercies, Lord, shall be my song
Ps. 89 2 16 L. M. But if his heirs my law forsake
Ps. 90 1 10 C. M. O Lord, the Savior and defense
Ps. 90 2 7 C. M. But who thy anger's dread effects
Ps. 91 8 888.888. He that has God his guardian made
Ps. 92 12 C. M. How good and pleasant must it be
Ps. 93 4 L. M. With glory clad, with strength arrayed
Ps. 94 1 8 C. M. O God, to whom revenge belongs
Ps. 94 2 10 C. M. Blest is the man whom thou, O Lord
Ps. 95 10 L. M. O come, loud anthems let us sing
Ps. 96 10 L. M. D. Sing to the Lord a new-made song
Ps. 97 11 L. M. Jehovah reigns, let all the earth
Ps. 98 8 L. M. Sing to the Lord a new-made song
Ps. 99 10 C. M. Jehovah reigns, let therefore all
Ps. 100 4 L. M. Be joyful all ye realms of earth With one consent let all the earth
Ps. 101 7 L. M. Of mercy's never-failing spring
Ps. 102 26 C. M. When I pour out my soul in prayer
Ps. 103 14 L. M. My soul, inspired with sacred love
Ps. 104 1 8 L. M. Bless God, my soul; Thou, Lord, alone
Ps. 104 2 6 L. M. Yet thence in smaller parties drawn
Ps. 104 3 8 L. M. The trees of God, without the care
Ps. 104 4 10 L. M. But still, thy vast unfathomed main But still, the vast unfathomed main
Ps. 105 1 16 C. M. O render thanks, and bless the Lord
Ps. 105 2 19 C. M. To Egypt then, invited guests
Ps. 106 1 11 L. M. O render thanks to God above
Ps. 106 2 12 L. M. But soon relapsed, they all forgot But soon these wonders they forgot
Ps. 106 3 9 L. M. The next, but more degenerate race Yet, unreclaimed, this stubborn race
Ps. 106 4 9 L. M, Nor yet will Canaan's dieties Nor did these savage cruelties
Ps. 107 1 7 L. M. To God your grateful voices raise
Ps. 107 2 6 L. M. Those that, with darkness compassed round Some lie, with darkness compassed round
Ps. 107 3 6 L. M. Remorseless wretches, void of sense
Ps. 107 4 8 L. M. They that in ships with courage bold
Ps. 107 5 7 L. M. A fruitful land where streams abound
Ps. 108 13 C. M. O God, my heart is fully bent
Ps. 109 1 14 C. M. O God, whose former mercies make
Ps. 109 2 14 C. M. Because he never mercy showed
Ps. 110 4 888.888. The Lord said to my Lord, sit thou The Lord unto my Lord thus spake
Ps. 111 9 L. M. Praise ye the Lord; our God to praise
Ps. 112 8 L. M. That man is blessed who stands in awe
Ps. 113 4 888.888. Ye saints and servants of the Lord
Ps. 114 8 L. M. When Israel, by the Almighty led
Ps. 115 11 C. M. Lord, not to us, we claim no share
Ps. 116 14 C. M. My soul with ecstacies of love My soul with grateful thoughts of love
Ps. 117 2 C. M. With cheerful notes let all the earth
Ps. 118 22 C. M. O praise the Lord, for He is good
Ps. 119 1 8 C. M. How blest are they who always keep
Ps. 119 2 8 C. M. How shall the young preserve their ways
Ps. 119 3 8 C. M. Be gracious to thy servant, Lord
Ps. 119 4 8 C. M. My soul's oppressed with deadly care
Ps. 119 5 8 C. M. Instruct me in thy statutes, Lord
Ps. 119 6 8 C. M. Thy constant blessing, Lord, bestow
Ps. 119 7 8 C. M. According to thy promised grace
Ps. 119 8 8 C. M. O Lord, my God, my portion thou
Ps. 119 9 8 C. M. With me, thy servant thou hast dealt
Ps. 119 10 8 C. M. To me who am the workmanship
Ps. 119 11 8 C. M. My soul with long expectance faints
Ps. 119 12 8 C. M. For ever, and for ever Lord
Ps. 119 13 8 C. M. The love that to thy law I bear The love that to thy laws I bear
Ps. 119 14 8 C. M. Thy word is to my feet a lamp
Ps. 119 15 8 C. M. Deceitful thoughts and practices
Ps. 119 16 8 C. M. Judgment and justice I have wrought Judgment and justice I have loved
Ps. 119 17 8 C. M. Who can express how wonderful The wonders which thy laws contain
Ps. 119 18 8 C. M. Thou art the righteous Judge, on whom Thou art the righteous Judge, in whom
Ps. 119 19 8 C. M. With my whole heart to God I called
Ps. 119 20 8 C. M. Consider my affliction, Lord
Ps. 119 21 8 C. M. Though mighty tyrants, without cause
Ps. 119 22 8 C. M. To my request and earnest cry
Ps. 120 4 666.666. Dsitressed, I oft have cried In deep distress I oft have cried 888.888.
Ps. 121 5 C. M. To Zion's hill I lift my eyes
Ps. 122 8 C. M. O 'twas a joyful sound to hear
Ps. 123 2 L. M. To Thee, Who dwellest above the skies On Thee, Who dwellest above the skies
Ps. 124 5 C. M. Let Israel say, had not the Lord Had not the Lord (may Israel say)
Ps. 125 5 C. M. Who place on Zion's God their trust
Ps. 126 7 C. M. When Zion's God her sons recalled
Ps. 127 6 C. M. We build with fruitless cost, unless
Ps. 128 5 C. M. The man is blest who fears the Lord
Ps. 129 6 C. M. Uo from my youth, may Israel say From my youth up, may Israel say
Ps. 130 6 C. M. From lowest regions of despair From lowest depths of woe S. M.
Ps. 131 3 C. M. O Lord, I am not proud of heart
Ps. 132 14 C. M. Let David, Lord, a constant place
Ps. 133 4 C. M. How vast must their advantage be
Ps. 134 2 C. M. Bless God, ye servants that attend
Ps. 135 18 C. M. O praise the Lord with one consent
Ps. 136 13 To God, the mighty Lord
Ps. 137 9 L. M. When we, our wearied limbs to rest
Ps. 138 8 C. M. With my whole heart, my God and King
Ps. 139 18 L. M. Thou, Lord, by strictest search hast known
Ps. 140 11 C. M. Preserve me, Lord, from crafty foes
Ps. 141 10 C. M. To Thee, O Lord, my cries ascend
Ps. 142 6 S. M. To God, with mournful voice
Ps. 143 11 C. M. Lord, hear my prayer, and to my cry
Ps. 144 15 L. M. For ever blessed be God the Lord
Ps. 145 1 10 C. M. Thee I will bless, my God and King
Ps. 145 2 6 C. M. The Lord does them support that fall
Ps. 146 9 C. M. O praise the Lord, and thou, my soul
Ps. 147 16 C. M. O praise the Lord with hymns of joy
Ps. 148 8 Ye boundless realms of joy
Ps. 149 5 O praise ye the Lord, Prepare your glad voice
Ps. 150 6 L. M. O praise the Lord in that blest place
Gl. Pat. 1 C. M. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Gl. Pat. 1 L. M. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Gl. Pat. 1 S. M. To God the Father, Son
Gl. Pat. 1 888.888. To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost
Gl. Pat. 1 To God the Father, Son
Gl. Pat. 1 By angels in heaven
Table 2. New Psalms and hymns in the Supplement
Title Pt. First Line Meter Sts.
Psalm 47 O clap your hands, ye people, shout and sing 10 10.10 10. 10 10. 2
Psalm 53 The wicked senseless fool hath said 3
Psalm 54 1 To save me, Lord, the truth and power display 10 10.10 10 10. 2
Psalm 54 2 Save me, Lord, for thy name's sake 2
Psalm 93 With glory crowned, and matchless strength arrayed 10 10.10 10.10 10. 2
Psalm 111 With my whole heart thy fame 66.66.66. 6
Psalm 112 How blessed is he, and only he 88.88.88. 4
Psalm 114 When Israel, who had suffered cruel bondage long 12 12.12 12.10 10. 3
Psalm 117 1 In praise to God let all the people join 10 10.10 10.10 10. 1
Psalm 117 2 The praise of our God all people repeat 10 10.11 11. 1
Psalm 120 Is trouble and distress 66.66.66. 4
Psalm 121 To Zion's hill I lift mine eyes 866.877. 3
Psalm 122 How did my soul rejoice 2
Psalm 124 Had not the Lord, let thankful Israel say 10 10.10 10 10. 3
Psalm 125 1 All who on Zion's God depend 88.88.66. 2
Psalm 125 2 All they whose hopes on God depend 3
Psalm 126 When Zion's God her captive sons from bondage freed 12 12.12 12.10 10. 3
Psalm 127 In vain we build with vast expense 88.88.88. 3
Psalm 129 Oft have they now, may Israel say 866.877. 3
Psalm 130 From the lowest depths of woe 2
Psalm 131 Thou, Lord, my witness art 66.66.66. 3
Psalm 133 O Tis a joyful sight 1
Psalm 134 All you, who to the house of God 88.88.88. 2
Psalm 136 O praise the Lord, for he is good 8 10.8 10. 10
Psalm 149 Our God, bless us all with mercy and love 10 10.11 11. 3
Gloria Patri 1 To Father, Son, and Spirit ever blessed 10 10.10 10.10 10. 1
Gloria Patri 2 To Father, Son, Spirit, all praise be addressed 10 10.11 11. 1
Gloria Patri 3 To God the Father, Son 66.66.66. 1
Gloria Patri 4 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 88.88.88. 1
Gloria Patri 5 To God almighty, Father, Son 88.88.88. 1
Gloria Patri 6 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 866.877. 1
Gloria Patri 7 To God most high, the Father and the Son 10 10.10 10 10. 1
Gloria Patri 8 To Father, Son, and Holy Ghost 88.88.66. 1
Gloria Patri 9 To the Father, and the Son 1
Gloria Patri 10 To God, our Benefactor, bring C. M. D. 1
Te Deum laudamus 1 O God, we praise three, and confess C. M. D. 4
Te Deum laudamus 2 Crowned with the Father's glory, thou C. M. D. 3
Veni Creator 1 Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come L. M. 7
Veni Creator 2 Come, Holy Ghost, Creator, come C. M. D. 4
Benedictus Now blest be Israel's Lord and God C. M. D. 3
Magnificat My soul and spirit filled with joy C. M. D. 3
Nunc dimittis Lord, let thy servant now depart C. M. D. 2
Creed I steadfastly believe in God C. M. D. 4
Lord's Prayer 1 Our Father, who in heaven art 88.88.88. 3
Lord's Prayer 2 Our Father, who in heaven art C. M. D. 2
Ten Commandments God spake these words: O Israel, hear C. M. D. 7
Lamentation of a Sinner O Lord, turn not thy face from me C. M. D. 5
Song of the Angels While shepherds watched their flocks by night C. M. 6
For Easter Day 1 Since Christ, our passover, is slain C. M. 6
For Easter Day 2 Christ from the dead is raised, and made C. M. 4
Hymn for Holy Communion 1 Thou God, all glory, honor, power C. M. 4
Hymn for Holy Communion 2 All ye who faithful servants are C. M. 4
Hymn for Holy Communion 3 To God be glory, peace on earth C. M. 6
Song of the Three Holy Children O all ye works of God the Lord 86.8. 34