Musica quatuor vocum liber primus (Nicolas Gombert)

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General Information

Full Title: Musica quatuor vocum, (vulgo motecta nuncupatur), lyris maioribus, ac tibijs imparibus accomodata, liber primus

Description: Nicolas Gombert's first book of motets for four voices


1 – Published 1539 – Venice: Scotto, reprinted 1541 (Venice: Gardano)
2 – Published 1541 – Venice: Scotto; this edition includes several compositions by other composers, replacing works by Gombert
3 – Published 1551 – Venice: Gardano; this edition contains two pieces by other composers


First edition: [Bavarian State Library]
Second edition: [Bavarian State Library] (Alto and Tenor only)
Third edition: [Bavarian State Library]

List of Works

1st ed. No. 2nd ed. No. 3rd ed. No. Title Composer Voices Comment
1 1 1 Domine pater, et deus vite mee Nicolas Gombert SATB
2 2 2 Miserere pie Jesu Nicolas Gombert SATB
3 3 14 Venite filii audite me Nicolas Gombert SATB
4 16 Dicite in magni dum spes altera mundi Nicolas Gombert SATB
5 18 Ecce nunc tempus acceptabile Nicolas Gombert SATB
6 6 7 O gloriosa Dei genitrix Nicolas Gombert SATB
7 7 Ave Regina caelorum Nicolas Gombert SATB
8 8 Virgo prudentissima Nicolas Gombert SATB
9 9 4 Salvum me fac Domine Nicolas Gombert SATB
10 8 Duo rogavi Nicolas Gombert SATB
11 23 Levavi oculos meos Nicolas Gombert SATB
12 18 26 Saluto te sancta virgo Nicolas Gombert SATB
13 23 Quae est ista Nicolas Gombert SATB
14 13 19 O gloriosa domina dei genitrix Nicolas Gombert SATB
15 24 Super flumina Babylonis Nicolas Gombert SATB
16 14 Inter natos mulierum Nicolas Gombert SATB
17 15 Quam pulchra es et quam decora Nicolas Gombert SATB
18 16 20 Ave sanctissima Maria Nicolas Gombert SATB
19 Fuit homo missus a deo Nicolas Gombert SATB
20 10 Aspice Domine Nicolas Gombert SATB
21 21 Dignare me laudare te Nicolas Gombert SATB
22 28 Fidelium deus omnium Nicolas Gombert SATB
23 24 12 Domine, si tu es Nicolas Gombert SATB
4 Inclina Domine I Cristóbal de Morales SATB
5 In illlo tempore dixit Jesus discipulis suis Girolamo Scotto SATB
10 Sancta et immaculata Cristóbal de Morales SATB
11 Sancte Antoni pater monachorum Cristóbal de Morales SATB
12 Antequam comedam suspiro Cristóbal de Morales SATB
17 Peccata mea Domine Girolamo Scotto SATB
19 Parce mea Domine Ivo Barry SATB
20 Ego infelix peccator Ivo Barry SATB
21 Nos pueri tibi principi Jacquet de Mantua SATB
22 Exurge quare obdormis domine Bartolomé de Escobedo SATB
6 Virgo prudentissima Nicolas Payen SATB
29 Ave regina celorum Anonymous SATB

Works at CPDL

Edition 1 (1539)

Title Year No. Composer Lyricist Genre Subgenre Voices
Aspice Domine 1532 20 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets STTB
Ave sanctissima Maria 1532 18 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB
Domine, si tu es 1538 23 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB
Duo rogavi 1539 10 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets ATTB
Ecce nunc tempus acceptabile 1539 5 Nicolas Gombert St. Paul the Apostle Sacred Motets SATB
Levavi oculos meos 1539 11 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB
Miserere pie Jesu 1539 2 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB
O gloriosa Dei genitrix 1534 6 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets STTB
Quae est ista 1539 13 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB
Super flumina Babylonis 1532 15 Nicolas Gombert Sacred Motets SATB

Edition 2 (1541)

Title Year No. Composer Lyricist Genre Subgenre Voices
Antequam comedam suspiro 1541 12 Cristóbal de Morales Sacred Motets SATB
Inclina Domine I 1541 4 Cristóbal de Morales Sacred Motets SATB
Nos pueri tibi principi 1541 21 Jacquet de Mantua Sacred Motets AATB
Sancta et immaculata 1541 10 Cristóbal de Morales Sacred Motets SATB