Motetti novi libro tertio (Andrea Antico)

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General information

Title: Motetti novi libro tertio

Editor – Compiler: Andrea Antico

Publication date and place: 1520 in Venice by Andrea Antico.
Description: The third volume of four-part motets in a series of four. This publication was funded by Luc'Antonio Giunta.

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List of works

No. Page Title Composer Vo. Voices Comment
1 Salve Mater Salvatoris Jean Mouton 4 SATB
2 Miseremini mei Josquin des Prez 4 SATB
3 Exaudiat te Dominus Jean Richafort 4 SATB
4 Sancta Maria succurre Jean L'Heritier 4 SATB
5 Salvator mundi Jean L'Heritier 4 SATB
6 Ave domina mea sancta maria Jean L'Heritier 4 SATB
7 Christus resurgens Jean Richafort 4 SATB
8 Vide domine Jean de La Fage 4 SATB
9 Congregate sunt gentes Jean Mouton 4 SATB
10 Videns dominus civitatem Jean de La Fage 4 SATB
11 Dominus salvum fac regem Jean Mouton 4 SATB
12 O gemma clarissima Adrian Willaert 4 SATB
13 Cognoscimus domine quia peccavimus Jean Richafort 4 SATB
14 Pater noster Jean Richafort 4 SATB
15 Confirma hoc deus Bisgueria 5 SATB

Works at CPDL

Title Year Composer Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Christus resurgens 1520 Jean Richafort Sacred Motets 4 SSTB,SATB,AATB
Salve Mater Salvatoris 1520 Jean Mouton Sacred Motets 4 SATB, ATTB
Vide domine 1520 Jean de La Fage Sacred Motets 4 STTB
Videns dominus civitatem 1520 Jean de La Fage Sacred Motets 4 ATTB