Mirabile mysterium

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Antiphon to the Benedictus at Lauds on the Feast of Circumcision.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Mirabile mysterium declaratur hodie,
innovantur naturae; Deus homo factus est;
id quod fuit, permansit,
et quod non erat, assumpsit,
non commixtionem passus neque divisionem.

Portuguese.png Portuguese translation

Um maravilhoso mistério hoje nos é revelado,
uma renovação da Natureza; Deus se fez homem;
aquilo que foi, permanece sendo,
e aquilo que não era, assume para si,
sem com isso sofrer mistura nem divisão.

English.png English translation

A wondrous mystery is declared today,
an innovation is made upon nature; God is made man;
that which he was, he remains,
and that which he was not, he takes on,
suffering neither commixture nor division.

Translation by St Ann Choir

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