Margaret Ruthven Lang

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Born: 27 November 1867

Died: 29 May 1972


Margaret Ruthven Lang was an American composer, affiliated with the Second New England School. Lang was also first woman composer to have a composition performed by a major American symphony orchestra.

Margaret Lang was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She was the eldest child of Frances Morse Burrage Lang, an amateur singer, and Benjamin Johnson (B.J.) Lang, composer, organist and accompanist (later director) of several choral groups including: The Apollo Club, The Cecilia Society, and the Handel and Haydn Society. B.J. Lang was a powerful member of the musical aristocracy of Boston and the Lang home, located at 8 Brimmer Street, saw many guests including Maude Powell, Camilla Urso, Dvorak, and Paderewski. B.J. Lang was also a friend of Richard Wagner, and Margaret knew Wagner’s children as playmates.

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