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==Music files==
#REDIRECT [[Magnificat and Nunc dimittis in G minor (Nathaniel Patrick)]]
*{{PostedDate|2011-06-19}} {{CPDLno|23767}} [http://www.notamos.co.uk/145367.shtml {{net}}]
{{Editor|Christopher Shaw|2011-06-19}}{{ScoreInfo|A4|13|127}}{{Copy|Personal}}
:{{EdNotes|Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. {{KbdRed}} Please click on the link for preview/playback/PDF download.}}
==General Information==
{{Title|Magnificat in G minor|[[Service in G minor (Nathaniel Patrick)]]}}
{{Composer|Nathaniel Patrick}}
{{Genre|Sacred|Evening Canticles|sort=Patrick, Nathaniel}}
{{Instruments|A cappella}}
{{Pub|1|c.1590|in manuscript}}
{{Pub|2|1790|in ''[[Cathedral Music, Volume 1 (Samuel Arnold)]]''|no=5}}
==Original text and translations==
{{LinkText|2|Magnificat|Nunc dimittis}}
[[Category:Sheet music]]
[[Category:Renaissance music]]

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