Liber secundus mutetarum sex, septem et octo vocum (Dominique Phinot)

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General information

Title: Liber secundus mutetarum sex, septem et octo vocum

Composer: Dominique Phinot

Genre, Subgenre: Sacred, Motets. Language: Latin.

Publication date and place: 1548 in Lyon by Godefroy Beringen and Marcellin Beringen, on November 5.
Description: The second book of motets by Dominique Phinot, this one containing works for six, seven, and eight voices.

Facsimile: Bavarian State Library


External websites:

List of works

No. Title Voices Comment
1 Exaudiat te Dominus 6 cum secunda parte
2 Sustinuimus pacem 6 cum secunda parte
3 Cerne meos ergo gemitus 6
4 Ecce ego mitto vos 6 cum secunda parte
5 In craticula te Deum non negavi 6 cum secunda parte
6 Sit nomen Domini benedictum 6 cum secunda parte
7 Quae est ista 6 cum secunda parte
8 Exaudi Domine deprecationem meam 6 cum secunda parte
9 Stella ista sicut flamma 6 cum secunda parte
10 Surge propera 6 cum secunda parte
11 Sanctorum omnium inclyta gaudia 7 cum secunda parte
12 Virgo parens 7
13 O sacrum convivium 8
14 Tanto tempore vobiscum sum 8
15 Iam non dicam vos servos 8
16 Sancta trinitas 8
17 Incipit oratio Hieremiae Prophetae 8

Works at CPDL

Title Composer Year No. Subgenre Voices
Cerne meos ergo gemitus Dominique Phinot 1548 3 Motets SATBBB
Ecce ego mitto vos Dominique Phinot 1548 4 Motets SAATTB
Exaudi Domine deprecationem meam Dominique Phinot 1548 8 Motets SAATBB
Exaudiat te Dominus Dominique Phinot 1548 1 Motets SAATTB
Iam non dicam vos servos Dominique Phinot 1548 15 Motets SSAATTBB
Lamentations Dominique Phinot 1548 17 Lamentations SSAATTBB
O sacrum convivium Dominique Phinot 1548 13 Motets SATB.SATB
Quae est ista Dominique Phinot 1548 7 Motets SATTTB
Stella ista sicut flamma Dominique Phinot 1548 9 Motets SATTTB
Surge propera Dominique Phinot 1548 10 Motets SATTTB
Sustinuimus pacem Dominique Phinot 1548 2 Motets SATTBB
Tanto tempore a 8 Dominique Phinot 1548 14 Motets SSAATTBB
Virgo parens Dominique Phinot 1548 12 Motets SAATTBB