Laudes Dei vespertinae (Melchior Franck)

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General information

Title: Laudes Dei vespertinae. Neuer Teutscher Magnificat in einem ahnmuthigen leichten Stylo Musico, nach den 8. Tonis

Composer: Melchior Franck


Publication date and place: 1622 by Andreas Forckel in Coburg.

List of Works

Erster Theil, 4vv

1. Magnificat primi toni
2. Magnificat secundi toni
3. Magnificat tertii toni
4. Magnificat quarti toni
5. Magnificat quinti toni
6. Magnificat sexti toni
7. Magnificat septimi toni
8. Magnificat Octavi toni

Zweiter Theil, 5vv

9. Magnificat primi toni
10. Magnificat secundi toni
11. Magnificat tertii toni
12. Magnificat quarti toni
13. Magnificat quinti toni
14. Magnificat sexti toni
15. Magnificat septimi toni
16. Magnificat Octavi toni

Dritter Theil, 6vv

17. Magnificat primi toni
18. Magnificat secundi toni
19. Magnificat tertii toni
20. Magnificat quarti toni
21. Magnificat quinti toni
22. Magnificat sexti toni
23. Magnificat septimi toni
24. Magnificat Octavi toni

Vierter Theil, 8vv

25. Magnificat primi toni
26. Magnificat secundi toni
27. Magnificat tertii toni
28. Magnificat quarti toni
29. Magnificat quinti toni
30. Magnificat sexti toni
31. Magnificat septimi toni
32. Magnificat Octavi toni

Works at CPDL

Title Genre Subgenre No. Vo. Voices
Magnificat primi toni a 4 Sacred Motets 1 4 SATB
Magnificat tertii toni a 4 Sacred Motets 3 4 SATB