Juozas Naujalis

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Alias: Iozef Nowialis


Born: 9 April 1869, RaudondvarisLink to the English Wikipedia article

Died: 9 September 1934, KaunasLink to the English Wikipedia article


Lithuanian composer and organist more known under the name Joseph Nowialis. Studied in Warsaw at Master J. Sliwinski and in Ratisbon at Franz Xaver Haberl. In 1898 founded the Lithuanian Society of Singers "Daina" and was one of the founder of St. Gregor's Society of Lithuanian Organists in Kaunas. Was excellent Master and Rector of his founded School of Organists (1913) and Music School (1919) in Kaunas. Was the Conductor of Cathedral Choir in Kaunas and from 1933 was the Professor and Conductor of Organmusic in the Conservatory of Kaunas. Composed Masses, Motets, Organ works… Among his works is known: Nowialis, Joseph, Missa in honorem S. Casimiri ad IV voces aequalis cum organo Part. u. St., Regensburg, Pustet; Nowialis, Joseph, Op. 5. Missa in honorem Beatae Mariae Virginis sub titulo Auxilium Christianorum ad duas voces aequales comitante organo, Part. u. St., Düsseldorf, Schwann; Nowialis, Joseph, Tres Cantus Sacri in Parasceve, op. 7., Warsaw, 1.05.1901; Nowialis, Joseph, In monte Oliveti. Died in Kaunas.

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