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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
===Original compositions===
*{{NoCo|Behold a simple tender Babe}}   ( [http://www.maritimecurling.info/pdf/behold_a_simple_tender_babe.pdf {{extpdf}}] [http://www.maritimecurling.info/midi/behold_a_simple_tender_babe.mid {{extmid}}] )
*{{NoCo|Let all that is within me}}   ( [http://www.maritimecurling.info/pdf/let_all_that_is_within_me.pdf {{extpdf}}] [http://www.maritimecurling.info/midi/let_all_that_is_within_me.mid {{extmid}}] )
*{{NoCo|Shepherds in the fields abiding}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|When the Lord entered the Holy City}}   ( [http://www.maritimecurling.info/pdf/When_the_Lord_entered_the_Holy_City.pdf {{extpdf}}] [http://www.maritimecurling.info/midi/When_the_Lord_entered_the_Holy_City.mid {{extmid}}] )
*{{NoCo|Shout the cheers of Easter}}   ( [http://www.maritimecurling.info/pdf/shout_the_cheers_of_easter.pdf {{extpdf}}] [http://www.maritimecurling.info/midi/shout_the_cheers_of_easter.mid {{extmid}}] )

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Rev. Joseph Edmund Mills M.Mus.


Born: 1917

Died: 1988


Canadian composer. Catholic priest in the Archdiocese of Halifax from 1941 to 1987.

List of choral works


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