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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
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Aliases: Jose Zaninetti; Giuseppe Zaninetti


Born: 28 February 1874, Novara, Italy

Died: 28 July 1941, Paraná, Argentina

Giuseppe Zaninetti was born in a small village in the Novara region, Italy, and still a child emigrated with his family to Argentina, where his name was changed to the Spanish equivalent José. His family stablished in Paraná, where he began his ecclesiastical studies in the Seminario de Santa Fe, where he was eventually ordained as a priest.

Among his musical activities, he was the organist at the Cathedral, conductor of the choir of the Seminary and composer. In the 1920s he returned to Italy to continue his musical studies, and acquired a Master degree in Sacred Music in Rome.

He left a voluminous catalog of religious and secular works: masses, motets, hymns, canticles and choral works, some well-known as the Te Deum in A major, which is still performed at the local commemorations on May 25th and July 9th. (excerpt translated from the Spanish biography below)

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List of choral works

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