John Wall Callcott

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Alias: John Wall Calcott


Born: 20 November 1766

Died: 15 May 1821


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List of choral works

Sacred works



Metrical psalm tunes

Sacred glees

Secular works

Glees and madrigals, arranged by author of lyrics

Pope, Alexander

Baillie, Joanna (1762-1852), poems by

Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850), poem by

Campbell, Thomas, (1777-1844) who adapted a song by Martin Parker (1600-1656)

Carey, Henry (1687-1743), paraphrase of opening lines of 'Chrononhotonthologos'

Chatterton, Thomas (1752-1770), poems by

Cooper, John Gilbert (1722 - 1769), poem by

Evans, Thomas, from his “Old Ballads”, published 1810

Goldsmith, Dr Oliver (1730-1774), from his poem "The deserted village"

Goethe, Johann Wolgang von (1749-1832), poem by, translated into English by Matthew Lewis

Gray, Thomas, (1716-1771), poems by

Hodson, William

Jones, Sir William (1746-94) from poem "Laura" freely adapted from Francesco Petrarca (1304–1374)

Jonson, Ben (1572-1637) from poem "To Celia"

Lewis, Matthew (1775-1818), poem by

Lowth, Bishop Robert (1710-1787), Latin elegy by

Madden, Elizabeth Jane (c.1745 - 1805), poem by

Marriott, Sir James (1730 - 1803), poem by

Mason, William

Mathias, Thomas James (1754-1835) poems by

Merry, Robert (1755-1798)

Ossian (James Macpherson (1736-1796)), poems by

Petrarca, Francesco (1304–1374), poem by

Ramsay, Allan (1686-1758), poem by

Rannie, John, lived 18th Century, poems by

Rogers, Samuel

Russell, Thomas, (1762-1788), adapted from first two stanzas of “An ein Veilchen” by Christian Felix Weisse (1726-1804)

Sackville, Charles, Earl of Dorset (1636-1706) poem by

Scott, Sir Walter (1771-1832), from poem "Lay of the last minstrel"

Shenstone, William (1714 - 1763), poem by

Smith, Charlotte Turner (1749 - 1806), sonnets

Southey, Robert (1774-1843) from poem "Madoc"

Thomson, James


Unknown author of lyrics



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