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Born: Unknown

Died: ca. 1586


John Markant or Marckant (died in or before 1586) was an English cleric, known as one of the contributors to the Sternhold and Hopkins Metrical Psalter of 1562. Markant was inducted vicar of Clacton-Magna on 31 August 1559, and was vicar of Shopland in Essex from 1563 to 1568. Markant's contributions to the Psalter were the 118th, 131st, 132nd, and 135th Psalms. At first these were simply initialed 'M.,' and have been tentatively attributed to John Mardeley. The name is given in full as "Marckant" in 1565, and in later editions, for example that of 1606, is sometimes "Market". In the same way The Lamentation of a Sinner, later adapted by Reginald Heber, and The Humble Sute of a Sinner were both marked 'M.' in the 1562 Psalter.

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