John Dunstable

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Aliases: Dunstaple, Dunstapell, Dumstable, Donstaple. "B" appears in about half of musical sources, and "p" predominates in other documents.


Born: c. 1390?

Died: 24 December 1453

Biography Dunstaple's epitaphs (destroyed in the 1666 Fire) record his death ("Anno Mil C. quater semel L. tria jungito Christi Pridie natalem, sidus transmigrat ad astra.") and describe him as an astronomer/mathemetician ("Musicus hic Michalus alter, novusque PtholomeusLink to the English Wikipedia article, Junior ac Athlas supportans robore celos Pausat sub cinere"); some astrological works appear to survive in his own hand. The earliest pay record being from 1427, estimates of his birth depend on rather tentative datings of some work: a Preco preheminencie and Veni Sancte Spiritus performed in 1416 may have been Dunstable's, and the later and Missa Da gaudiorum premia (also possibly linked to Treaty of TroyesLink to the English Wikipedia article and/or Henry V's marriage in 1420) might have been used at Henri IV's coronation at Paris in 1422.

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List of choral works

52 works have uncontradicted attributions

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  • Trent codices
  • Old Hall Manuscript (ordering suggests Veni Sancte Spiritus by c.1420)
  • John Dunstable: Complete Works, ed. M.F. Bukofzer, Musica Brit., viii (1953, rev. & expanded 2/1970 by M. Bent et al.)

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