Johannes Roullet

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Alias: Roller Rollet


Flourished: c.1435 - c.1445


Little is known of Roullet except that he is identified in two sources: Trent manuscript tr87 (compiled after c. 1435) and the "St. Emmeram Codex" (Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Clm 14274). That a coat of arms was granted to a Hanns Rolle by Emperor Friedrich III in 1454 is suggestive, but there is no firm identification with the composer.

List of choral works at CPDL

Mass movements

Office hymns


Sequence hymns

Secular songs No works currently available


Choral works not at CPDL

Mass movements

  • Gloria (Et in terra, fragment) and Credo (Patrem omnipotentem, lost)
  • Sanctus paschale with tropes ‘'Crux columpna/Sanctire Christi'’)

Secular songs

Mostly surviving as contrafacta; all for 3 vv.
  • Vexillum victoris (Amours helas, rondeau),
  • Christus natus est hodie (Hardament ballade)
  • Post biduum victor (Joye et confort rondeau)
  • Ecce panis angelorum (Umb im pad)
  • Wo ich in aller werld hin var

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