Johannes Martini

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Aliases: D. Martinus de Alemania, Johannes Martini cantor capelle, Zohane Martini de Barbante, Zohane Martino todescho cantadore compositore


Born: c. 1430's

Died: 23 Oct, 1497

Biography Martini or ‘Giovanni d’Alemagna’ was installed in the ducal chapel at Ferrara 27 January 1473.

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List of choral works


  • Missa ‘Cela sans plus’, 4vv (on Lannoy’s chanson)
  • Missa ‘Coda di pavon’, 4vv (on Barbingant’s Der Pfoben Scwancz)
  • Missa ‘Cucu’, 4vv, ed. in DTÖ, cxx (1970)
  • Missa ‘Dio te salvi Gotterello’, 4vv
  • Missa dominicalis, 4vv
  • Missa ferialis, 4vv (Ky, San, Ag only)
  • Missa [‘In Feuers Hitz’], 3vv
  • Missa ‘Io ne tengo quanto a te’, 4vv, D
  • Missa ‘La martinella’, 4vv (on his own chanson)
  • Missa ‘Ma bouche rit’, 4vv, 2 versions, 1 ed. in D (on Ockeghem’s chanson)
  • Missa ‘Or sus, or sus’, 4vv (on anon. chanson)

Conjectural attributions

  • Missa ‘Au chant de l’alowete’, 4vv, anon. in I-Rvat S Pietro B80

Missa de Beata Virgine, 4vv, anon. in Rvat C.S.35, VEcap DCCLXI (Ky, Gl only) Missa ‘La mort de St Gotharda’, 4vv, anon. in MOe α.M.1.13 Missa ‘Nos amis’, 4vv, anon. in MOe α.M.1.13) Missa ‘O rosa bella’ III, 4vv, 2 versions, (anon. in MOe α.M.1.13, anon. in CZ-Ps D.G.IV.47, I-TRbc 1376 [89])

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