Johann Christoph Pez

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Born: 9 September 1664

Died: 25 September 1716
Pez was born in Munich. After studies in Rome (1689–92) he took a post in Bonn (1694), returning to Munich at the start of the War of the Spanish Succesion (1701). In 1706 moved to Stuttgart as Kapellmeister at the Württemberg court.

List of choral works

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  • Duplex genius … 12 constans symphoniis, 2 vn, archiviola, bc (Augsburg, 1696; also pubd as op.1, 1701)
  • Prodromus optatae pacis, sive Psalmi de Dominicus e Beata Virgini in officio vespertino, 8vv, 2 vn, va, bc (org), op. 2 (1703)
  • Jubilum missale sextuplex, 8vv, 2 vn, va, bc (org) (1706)
  • Corona stellarum, 1v, 2 vn, bc, op. 4 (1710)
  • Sonate da camera … Several Suites of Overtures and Airs, parte I, 1/2 fl, bc, (London, ?1710)

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