Joannes de Latre

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Aliases: Jean de Latre; Jean Delatre; Jean Delattre; Johannes Laetrius; Petit Jean; Jean Petit


Born: c. 1505 (c. 1510 in Grove online)

Died: 31 August 1569


Surviving records from 1538-9 list De Latre as maître de chant at St Jean l’Evangéliste in Liège. He worked at St Martins from 1544 and was maître de chapelle from around 1550 until the death of the Prince-Bishop Georg of Austria in 1557. He surfaces in 1563 at Amersfoort, returning briefly to Liege in 1564 before moving to Utrecht's Janskerk in 1565. His tombstone in the Buurkerk suggests another shift in employment after 1567.

Confusion with François de Lattre and Claude Petit Jehan has made manuscript attributions problematic.

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List of choral works

  'Si oblitus fuero' is listed under 'Ninot le Petit'.
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  • Chansons a quatre parties (Leuven, 1552)
  • Lamentationes aliquot Ieremiae (Maastricht, 1554)
  • Sixièsme livre des chansons a quatre parties (Leuven, 1555)

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