In voluntate tua

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General information

Introit for Pentecost XXI
Source of text: Esther 13:9b-11a (altered); Psalm verse is Psalm 136:1 (Vulgate)

Settings by composers

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

In voluntate tua, Domine, universa sunt posita
et non est, qui possit resistere voluntati tuae.
Tu enim fecisti omnia, caelum et terram,
universaque caeli ambitu continentur.
Dominus universorum tu es.

Beati immaculati in via: qui ambulant in lege Domini.

German.png German translation

In deinem Willen, Herr, ist alles gelegen
und es ist niemand, der deinem Willen widerstehen könnte.
Du nämlich hast alles gemacht, den Himmel und die Erde,
und alles wird von der Kreisbahn des Himmels zusammengehalten.
Der Herr des Alls bist du.

English.png English translation

All things are in Thy will, O Lord;
and there is none that can resist Thy will:
for Thou hast made all things, heaven and earth,
and all things that are under the cope of heaven:
Thou are the Lord of all.

Blessed are the undefiled in the way; who walk in the law of the Lord.

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