Il primo libro di madrigali a 3 voci (Jacques Arcadelt)

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General information

Title: Primo Libro di Madrigali d'Archadelt a tre voci

Full Title: Primo Libro di Madrigali d’Archadelt a tre voci, insieme alcuni di const. Festa. Con la gionta di dodese canzoni francese & sei motteti novissimi

Description: Jacques Arcadelt's first book of madrigals for three voices. This volume also includes madrigals by Costanzo Festa, as well as motets and chansons by a variety of French composers.

First Publication date and place: 1542 by Antonio Gardano in Venice.


Original edition – Published 1542 – The original edition by Gardano
Revised edition – Published 1543 – In this edition, Gardano removed the Festa madrigals, moved the motets ahead of the chansons, and added four works. This edition was reprinted by Gardano in 1559 and by the heirs of Girolamo Scott in 1587.

External Links

Gardano editions
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List of works

1st ed. No. 2nd ed. No. Title Composer Genre
1 1 Gravi pene in amor Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
2 2 Ingiustissim' amor Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
3 3 Come donna Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
4 4 Dormend' un giorno Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
5 5 S'io vi potessi dire Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
6 6 Voi mi ponest' in foco Jacques Arcadelt Madrigal
7 7 Altro non e'l mio amor Anonymous Madrigal
8 Se mai vedere amanti Costanzo Festa Madrigal
9 Ogni loco m'attrista Costanzo Festa Madrigal
10 Qual sara mai Costanzo Festa Madrigal
11 Ma donna il vostro orgoglio Costanzo Festa Madrigal
12 Deh piaccia al cielo Costanzo Festa Madrigal
13 17 Je ne fus jamais si aise Pierre Certon Chanson
14 18 On en dira ce quon vouldra Claudin de Sermisy Chanson
15 19 J'ay par trop longuement ayme Claudin de Sermisy Chanson
16 20 Dame d'honneur Jacotin Chanson
17 23 Il est en vous le bien que je désire Claudin de Sermisy Chanson
18 24 Qui veult aymer Jacotin Chanson
19 29 J'aime le cueur Claudin de Sermisy Chanson
20 25 Si iay eu du mal Guillaume Ysoré Chanson
21 26 Je suis deshéritée Anonymous Chanson
22 27 Amour me poingt Jacotin Chanson
23 21 Voiant souffrir Cosson Chanson
24 22 J'aime bien mon ami François Dubois Chanson
25 9 Ave virgo gloriosa Jehan L'Heritier Motet
26 11 Gabriel angelus apparuit Matthias Werrecore Motet
27 8 Deduc me Domine Jean Courtois Motet
28 13 Domine ante te Pierre Moulu Motet
29 12 In hoc ego sperabo Pierre Moulu Motet
30 14 Beati omnes Jacotin Motet
10 Et iterum venturus est Anonymous Motet
15 Domine fili unigenite Johannes Lupi Motet
16 Domine deus agnus dei Johannes Lupi Motet
28 J'ay mis mon cueur en une seulement Anonymous Chanson

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