Iñaki Kareaga

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Iñaki Kareaga


Born: 27 November 1973 in DebaLink to the English Wikipedia article (Basque CountryLink to the English Wikipedia article)


  • He studied musical language, harmony, piano, txistuLink to the English Wikipedia article and singing
  • Member of these folk music bands and choirs:
    • Kalez-kale txistu-taldea: 1983-2000
    • Aitzuri abesbatza: 1991-2000
    • Fanbaltz euskal musika taldea: 1991-2000
    • Soinu Bidea abesbatza: 2005-
  • He composed serveral works for folk music bands and choirs
  • Recordings:
    • Fanbaltz taldea. Fanbaltz (1994)
    • Fanbaltz taldea. Imajinazioa (1999)
  • Winner of "Abesbatzentzako XIX. Konposizio Txapelketa- BAE BBKren Sari Nagusia" composition contest in 2015

Contact information

Please, contact me if you are planning to rehersal any of these works. Any comments will be appreciated.

e-mail: ikareaga515 At sign.png gmail.com

List of choral works

Sacred music


Secular music


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