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*Christian Erbach a 9
*Christian Erbach a 9
*Bartolomé de Escobedo a 5
*Bartolomé de Escobedo a 5
*[[Hodie completi sunt (Andrea Gabrieli)|Andrea Gabrieli]] a 4
*[[Hodie completi sunt (Andrea Gabrieli)|Andrea Gabrieli]] SATB
*Giovanni Gabrieli
*Giovanni Gabrieli
** [[Hodie completi sunt a 8, Ch. 57 (Giovanni Gabrieli)|a 8, Ch. 57]]
** [[Hodie completi sunt a 8, Ch. 57 (Giovanni Gabrieli)|a 8, Ch. 57]]

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Hodie completi sunt is the Magnificat antiphon for Second Vespers of Pentecost. |}


  • Gregor Aichinger a 6
  • Giovanni Croce a 5
  • Christian Erbach a 9
  • Bartolomé de Escobedo a 5
  • Andrea Gabrieli SATB
  • Giovanni Gabrieli
    • a 8, Ch. 57
    • Hodie completi sunt a 7 exists in 2 versions, Ch.134 & Ch. 148
  • Jacob Händl a 8

See also the motet Alleluia: Spiritus Domini (Nicolle des Celliers de Hesdin).

Original text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Hodie completi sunt dies Pentecostes, alleluia:
hodie Spiritus Sanctus in igne discipulis apparuit,
et tribuit eis charismatum dona:
misit eos in universum mundum prædicare, et testificari:
Qui crediderit et baptizatus fuerit, salvus erit, alleluia.

Today the days of Pentecost are fulfilled, alleluia:
Today the Holy Spirit appeared in fire to the disciples,
and gave unto them the gift of grace:
He hath sent them into all the world to foretell and bear witness:
that whosoever believeth and is baptized shall be saved, alleluia.