Henry Carey Shuttleworth

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Born: 20 October 1850

Died: 24 October 1900


Henry was born at Egloshayle vicarage, Cornwall, the son of Rev. Edward Starkie Shuttleworth. He was educated at St. Mary’s Hall, Oxford (BA 1873, MA 1876). Ordained a deacon in 1873 and priest in 1873, he was Chaplain at Christ Church, Oxford; Minor Canon of St. Paul’s; and rector of St. Nicholas, Cole-Abbey, London, 1883. He was also Professor of Pastoral and Liturgical Theology, and Lecturer in Ecclesiastical History and English Literature, and in the New Testament, at King’s College, London. He died in London and his ashes were interred, both at St Nicholas, Cole Abbey and at Egloshayle.

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