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If you have already submitted an edition of a work to CPDL but have since revised it, you will need to upload the new file(s) to the CPDL server. This guide obviously does not apply if the files are not hosted on the CPDL server, nor does it apply if your files were uploaded before CPDL was ported to the wiki format in October 2005. If you don't know whether your files are hosted on the CPDL server or the Williams College server (used pre-October 2005), click on the link to the file from CPDL in your browser. You will be able to determine where the files are hosted from the URL (in the address bar). If it begins "", the file is hosted on the Williams College server. If the files were uploaded to the CPDL since the site was ported to the wiki format, the file URLs will begin "" and you should use this guide to update them.

It is good practice to note any revisions of an edition under the "edition notes" on the score page and also to note the details of any such revision on the score itself.

For files hosted on the CPDL server (post-October 2005)

Properties box.jpg
  1. To update your PDF, MIDI or notation file at CPDL you must upload a new file, but one that has exactly the same name as the old file. You will find the menu entry "Upload file" under "Tools" on the left side of the screen.
  2. You should receive a warning which reads "A file with this name exists already...". Click "Save file" to replace it with your new updated file. It is a good idea to write down the new URL for the file. Right click on the name of the file in the window that appears after you upload your file, and then select Properties from the drop down menu. The file name that appears in the window that appears next has an entry that begins "http://...". You may find it easier to cut and paste from this window into a text editor.

Thanks - you've finished updating your files!

For files hosted on the Williams College server (pre-October 2005)

If you have determined that your files are located on the Williams College server, not the CPDL server, you will need to upload the file as explained above (except that you won't receive a warning about the file already existing). Repeat the process as many times as there are files. However, the process does not end here - you need to correct the code on the works page.

1.   Upload the file(s) as above.
2.   Locate the works page where your edition is located. The edition info will look something like this:
Editor: Rafael Ornes (added 1999-04-24).   Score information: 72 kbytes   Copyright: CPDL
Edition notes:
The code is rendered thus:
*<b>CPDL #89:</b> [ {{pdf}}] [ {{mid}}] [ Finale 1998]
<b>Editor:</b> [[User:Rafael Ornes|Rafael Ornes]] <i>(added 1999-04-24)</i>.   <b>Score information: </b>72 kbytes   <b>Copyright:</b> [[ChoralWiki:CPDL|CPDL]]
<b>Edition notes:</b>
3.   Click "edit" at the top of the page then when the window with the code loads, scroll down the page if you need to, to locate your edition info. Now take the URLs that you recorded when you uploaded the revised files and replace them with the URLs in the code. In this example, the PDF file URL is, the MIDI file URL is and the source file URL is

As a side note it is worth noting that the URLs which follow the file URLs are little graphics files. They display the PDF and MIDI icons - Icon_pdf.gif and Icon_snd.gif and should not be changed. The notation program has no graphic, just the word Encore, Finale, NoteWorthy Composer, Sibelius etc.

The URLs which makes these PDF and MIDI graphics appear are:

  • {{pdf}} and
  • {{mid}}

They may have been replaced with the templates Template:pdf or Template:mid which would be rendered {{pdf}} or {{mid}} in code.

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