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There are several ways to find information or to comment or ask questions. They are

  • Help pages
  • CPDL Forums -- this is the best mechanism for general questions and in the event of an emergency. (Requires a separate registration from this wiki, but you can request the same username and choose a password of your choice that you can set to be the same or different.)
  • Deprecated: Old Bulletin board on CPDL -- please use the new one above instead.
  • Discussion pages for a specific wiki page: Each wiki page has a discussion page; see the tab near the top of every page.
  • If you believe your copyright is being violated, please see the information here.
  • In an emergency, please post on the CPDL forums as mentioned above, since that allows multiple people to read about the issue and expedites response. You can also try contacting an individual CPDL Administrator, but please do this in addition to using the forum mechanism rather than instead of, since a specific individual you contact may be away.
  • Organizations wishing to inquire about corporate sponsorship (such as is listed on the left margin of CPDL pages) should contact sponsors At sign.png
  • If you wish to donate to support CPDL, please see our donations page.
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