Hayne van Ghizeghem

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Born: c.1445

Died: by 1497


Hayne was perhaps from Gijzegem, near Ghent. As a boy, he was attached to the household of Charles the Bold, then Count of Charolais (1456), and he became a singer/chamber valet there in 1467. He was with Charles at the siege of Beauvais (1472) and then disappears from records, but new works kept appearing after 1480, so it's unlikely he died at the siege. He was dead by 1497, for he appears as one of the souls welcoming Ockeghem to the afterlife in Crétin's déploration. Hayne was a singer and lutenist, and worked with Robert Morton.

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List of choral works

Works not yet hosted:

  • Allez regrets
  • Amours amours
  • Ce n'est pas jeu
  • De tous biens plaine
  • De vous amer
  • La regretée
  • Les grans regretz
  • Mon souvenir
  • Penser en vous
  • Pour ce que j'ay jouy

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