Hark! She bids all her friends adieu

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General information

This is a poem by Isaac Watts, entitled On The Sudden Death of Mrs. Mary Peacock, published in Horae Lyricae, 1706.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. Hark! She bids all her friends adieu;
Some angel calls her to the spheres;
Our eyes the radiant saint pursue
Through liquid telescopes of tears.

2. Farewell, bright soul, a short farewell,
Till we shall meet again above,
In the sweet groves where pleasures dwell,
And trees of life bear fruits of love:

3. There glory sits on every face;
There friendship smiles in every eye;
There shall our tongues relate the grace
That led us homeward to the sky.


4. O'er all the names of Christ, our King,
Shall our harmonious voices rove;
Our hearts shall sound, from every string,
The wonders of his bleeding love.

5. Come, sovereign Lord, dear Savior, come,
Remove these separating days;
Send thy bright wheels to fetch us home;
That golden hour, how long it stays!

6. How long must we lie ling'ring here,
While saints around us take their flight:
Smiling they quit this dusky sphere,
And mount the hills of heavenly light.


7. Sweet soul, we leave thee to thy rest;
Enjoy thy Jesus and thy God,
Till we, from bands of clay released,
Spring out and climb the shining road.

8. While the dear dust she leaves behind
Sleeps in thy bosom, sacred tomb!
Soft be her bed, her slumbers kind,
And all her dreams of joy to come!

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