Giovanni Grossi

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Born: 1615

Died: 1684

Biography Giovanni Antonio Grossi was an Italian composer, born in Lodi. He was a priest and maestro di cappella at Cremona Cathedral in 1635, and subsequently in Novara and Milan. He acquired the latter function after a heavy competition with Bagatti and Legrenzi. He was a prolific composer of sacred music (more than 500), mostly for a small number of voices.

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List of choral works

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  • Messa, et salmi bizarri, con le letanie della B. Vergine concertati a quattro voci, Op. 1 (Milan: Rolla, 1640)
  • Sacri concenti a 2, 3, e 4, con una messa concertata a 5, Op. 3 (Milan: Camagno, 1653)
  • Orfeo pellegrino ne sacri cantici a due, tre, e quattro voci, Op. 4 (Milan: Camagni, 1659)
  • Celeste tesoro, Op. 5 (Milan: Camagni, 1664)
  • Il terzo libro de concerti ecclesiastici a 2. 3. e 4. voci, Op. 7 (Milan: Camagni, 1670)
  • Terzo libro di motetti ecclesiastici a voce sola, Op. 8 (Milan: Camagni, 1674)
  • Libro primo de Magnificat et Pater noster a 4, 5, e 6 voci, Op. 9 (Milan: Camagni)
  • Quarto libro de concerti ecclesiastici, a due, tre, e quattro voci, Op. 10 (Milan: Camagni, 1677)

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