Francisco Guerrero

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Francisco Guerrero


Born: 4 October 1528

Died: 8 November 1599


View the Wikipedia article on Francisco Guerrero.

List of choral works

Sacred works in Spanish

See also contents of Canciones y villanescas espirituales

Sacred works in Latin

Other Sacred works

No works currently available

Secular works

Other works not listed above (See Template:CheckMissing for possible reasons and solutions)

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  • Sacrae cantiones, vulgo moteta nuncupata, quatuor et quinque vocum (Seville, 1555)
  • Canticum Beatae Mariae, quod Magnificat nuncupatur, per octo musicae modos variatum (Leuven, 1563)
  • Liber primus missarum (Paris, 1566)
  • Motteta quae partim quaternis, partim quinis, alia senis, alia octonis concinuntur vocibus (Venice, 1570)
  • Missarum liber secundus (Rome, 1582)
  • Liber vesperarum (Rome, 1584)
  • Passio secundum Matthaeum et Joannem more hispano (Rome, 1585)
  • Mottecta liber secundus (Venice, 1589)
  • Canciones y villanescas espirituales (Venice, 1589)

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