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Born: 29 December 1832, Southwark, Surrey, England

Died: 26 October 1909, Speldhurst, Kent, England


Francis Pott studied at Brasenose College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1854, and M.A. in 1857. He was ordained Deacon in 1856, and Priest in 1857. He was Curate of Bishopsworth, Bristol, 1856; of Ardingley, Sussex, 1858; was appointed to Ticehurst in 1861; and Rector of Northill, Bedfordshire in 1866. He retired due to deafness in 1891.
He contributed translations from the Latin and Syriac, and original hymns, including Angel voices ever singing, and Lift up your heads, eternal gates. He served on the committee which compiled Hymns Ancient & Modern. His works have sometimes been misattributed to Archdeacon Alfred Pott.

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Hymns fitted to the Order of Common Prayer, 1861 The Free Rhythm Psalter"", 1898

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