Erik Satie

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Born: 17 May 1866

Died: 1 July 1925


Was eccentric and esteemed music composer and a performing pianist of extremely anti-establishment nature is hailed as a genius in contemporary classical music. Versatile as he was, Satie composed theatre and ballet music and performed for café and cabaret audiences. Often criticized by critics for being dull, his music compositions were original, humorous, weird, and minimalistic. Termed as furniture music, his works are said to be the reflection of everyday life. However, it was only after his death that his achievements were acknowledged and he was hailed a genius. Simple in structure and marked by an innovative and characteristic wit, his works were explicitly anti-romantic and anti-impressionistic. His works were also a kind of revolt against the works of Romantic composers such as Richard Wagner, whose works were jazzier than his. He left a scarce work behind as most of his works were composed for piano. However, his revolutionary usage of bitonal and polytonal notes became a trademark of the twentieth century music.

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