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Born: 15 January 1782, Salem, New Jersey

Died: 26 August 1826, Oxford, Pennsylvania

Biography Elkanah Kelsey Dare was born in Salem, New Jersey, the son of Benoni Dare (1749-1802) and Damaris Kelsey (1748-1788). He married Mary Phillips in 1804, and they had ten children. They moved to Wilmington, Delaware some time before 1809, and to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, before 1818. Dare joined the Presbyterian church in Greenwich, Cumberland County, New Jersey, at age 23. From 1817 to until his death, he pastored at the Union Presbyterian Church, near Oxford, Pennsylvania. He also served as Dean of Boys at Wilmington College, Delaware. Dare died of swamp fever (malaria) in 1826, and is buried in the church yard of Union Presbyterian Church.

All of Elkanah Dare's eleven compositions appear in Wyeth's Repository of Sacred Music, Part Second, 1813.

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