Eduard Hecht

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Alias: Edward Hecht


Born: 28 November 1832

Died: 7 March 1887


Eduard (Edward) Hecht was born in Dürkheim in Haardt, Germany, and trained by his musical father in Frankfort. He moved to England 1854 and settled in Manchester. He became chorus-master & sub-conductor of the Hallé orchestra. He was a committed teacher of piano but also taught harmony & composition at Owens College. As conductor, he held positions with the Manchester Liedertafel, the St. Cecilia Choral Society and the Stretford choral society. His compositions include a symphony, cantatas and assorted choral works, piano works, songs, part-songs, trios, string quartets, and marches for military band. His name is often Anglicized as “Edward.”

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