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Alias: Eduardus Lupus Not to be confused with Alonso Lobo


Born: c. 1564-1569 (occasionally given as 1575)

Died: 24 September 1646, Lisbon


Duarte Lobo was born around 1564-9 and died in Lisbon 24 September 1646. According to J. A. Alegria, he was born in Lisbon and not in Alcáçovas as stated in other sources. He studied music with Manuel Mendes at Évora Cathedral, where he was a choirboy.

He became mestre de capela at the Hospital Real in Lisbon. From c.1591 to at least 1639 he was mestre de capela at Lisbon Cathedral, also being director of the Seminário de S. Bartolomeu in the same city.

He was a teacher for many years in Lisbon and Évora. His pupils included António Fernandes, João Alvares Frouvo, Fernando de Almeida and Manuel Machado. Their quality as composers could be indebted to Lobo's own teacher, Manuel Mendes. Lobo became one of the most famous Portuguese composers in and outside Portugal.

His music was published by the house Plantin, at Antwerp, the only example among Portuguese composers. Plantin published four volumes of liturgical music: two books of masses (1621, 1639), an Opuscula (1602) containing Christmas responsories, antiphons among other works and a book of Magnificats (1605). Lobo was one of the leading exponents of Portuguese polyphonic style. Lobo easily combines the mastery learned counterpoint with a refined and expressive interpretation of the text. The influence of Josquin or Ockeghem is notorious in his use of cantus firmus and canonic techniques. The influence of Roman Catholic composers as Palestrina, Morales or Guerrero is also seen in Lobo’s music. The use of dissonance and the type of cadences define these post-tridentine influences. Several of his parody masses are also based on motets by Palestrina and Guerrero.

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  • Opuscula: Natalitiae noctis responsoria, 4, 8vv; Missa eiusdem noctis, 8vv; Beatae Mariae Virginis antiphonae, 8vv; Eiusdem virginis Salve, 3 choirs, 11vv (Antwerp, 1602)
  • Cantica Beatae Mariae Virginis, vulgo Magnificat, 4vv (Antwerp, 1605); J i
  • Liber missarum, 4–6, 8vv (Antwerp, 1621)
  • Liber secundus missarum, 4–6vv (Antwerp, 1639); 2 masses, motet ed. J.E. dos Santos, Polifonia clássica portuguesa, i (Lisbon, 1937)

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