Domenico Massenzio

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Born: 28 April 1586 in Ronciglione

Died: 23 October 1657 in Rome Aliases: Domenico, Massentio. Dominico, Massentio

Biography Italian priest, singer and composer. The Grove Music Online article by Jerome Roche gives 1650 for his death and 1601 for his voice breaking, but newer biographical details appear in preferatory essays to the Opera Omnia published by Rugginenti (vol. I, 2008).

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List of choral works

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  • Sacrae cantiones, liber I, 1–5vv, bc (org) (1612)
  • Motecta … una cum litaniis BVM, liber II, 2–5vv, bc (org) (1614)
  • Sacrorum cantuum … una cum litaniis BVM, liber III, 3–6vv, bc (org) (Ronciglione, 16165)
  • Sacrarum modulationum, liber IV, 1–5vv, bc (org) (1618)
  • Psalmi qui in vesperis … liber I, 4, 5vv, bc (org) (1618)
  • Completorium integrum cum Ave regina, Salve regina e motecta, 2, 8vv, bc (org), op.8 (1630)
  • Psalmodia vespertina cum Regina caeli et Magnificat, 8vv, bc (org), op.9 (1631)
  • Sacri motetti … con la sequenza di Pentecoste et letanie, libro V, 2 and more vv, bc (org), op.10 (1631)
  • Salmi vespertini … libro III, 4vv, bc, op.11 (1632)
  • Libro quarto de’ salmi per il Vespero … Ave maris stella, 2 cori, op.12 (1634)
  • Quinto libro de salmi vespertini, 5vv, bc, op.15 (1635)
  • Libro sesto dei salmi Davidici vespertini intieri, 4vv, bc, op.16 (1636)
  • Davidica psalmodia vespertina, liber VII, 4vv, org, op.17 (1643)
  • Concerti spirituali, 2–5vv, org (1682)

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