Divine and Moral Songs for Children (Isaac Watts)

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General Information

Divine and Moral Songs … for Children is a book of hymns and songs written by Isaac Watts in 1720.

Publication date and place: 1720 in London.

1. Divine Songs

No. Title Meter Stanzas First Line
1 General Song of Praise to God C. M. 5 How glorious is our heavenly King
2 Praise for Creation and Providence C. M. 8 I sing the almighty power of God
3 Praise to God for Our Redemption C. M. 8 Blest be the wisdom and the power
4 Praise for Mercies, Spiritual and Temporal C. M. 6 When-e'er I take my walks abroad
5 Praise for Birth and Education in a Christian Land L. M. 6 Great God! To thee my voice I raise
6 Praise for the Gospel L. M. 4 Lord, I ascribe it to thy grace
7 Excellency of the Bible C. M. 7 Great God, with wonder and with praise
8 Praise to God for Learning to Read S. M. 8 The praises of my tongue
9 The All-Seeing God C. M. 6 Almighty God! Thy piercing eye
10 Solemn Thoughts of God and Death L. M. 6 There is a God that reigns above
11 Heaven and Hell S. M. 4 There is beyond the sky
12 The Advantages of Early Religion C. M. 6 Happy's the child, whose youngest years
13 The Danger of Delay L. M. 6 Why should I say, 'tis yet too soon
14 Examples of Early Piety C. M. 6 What blest examples do I find
15 Against Lying L. M. 6 O 'tis a lovely thing for youth
16 Against Quarreling and Fighting C. M. 5 Let dogs delight to bark and bite
17 Love Between Brothers and Sisters C. M. 6 Whatever brawls disturb the street
18 Against Scoffing and Calling Names C. M. 6 Our tongues were made to bless the Lord
19 Against Swearing and Cursing, and Taking God's Name in Vain L. M. 6 Angels that high in glory dwell
20 Against Idleness and Mischief C. M. 4 How doth the little busy bee
21 Against Evil Company C. M. 5 Why should I join with those in play
22 Against Pride in Clothes L. M. 8 Why should our garments, meant to hide
23 Obedience to Parents C. M. 4 Let children that would fear the Lord
24 The Child's Complaint C. M. 4 Why should I love my sport so well
25 A Morning Song C. M. 4 My God, who makes the sun to know
26 An Evening Song C. M. 4 And now another day is gone
27 For the Lord's Day Morning C. M. 4 This is the day when Christ arose
28 For the Lord's Day Evening L. M. 4 Lord! How delightful tis to see

2. Moral Songs

No. Title Meter Stanzas First Line
1 The Sluggard 5 Tis the voice of a sluggard, I heard him complain
2 Innocent Play 11 11. 8. 11 11 8 3 Abroad in the meadows to see the young lambs
3 The Rose 12 8. 12 8. 4 How fair is the rose! What a beautiful flower
4 The Thief 87. 87 6 Why should I deprive my neighbor
5 The Ant or Emmet Irregular 5 These emmets, how little they are in our eyes
6 A Summer's Evening Irregular 2 How fine has the day been, how bright was the sun
7 Good Resolutions 88. 78. 10 Though I am now in younger days
8 A Cradle Hymn 87. 87. 15 Hush! My dear, lie still and slumber

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