Crepundia sacra (Joachim a Burgk)

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General information

Title: Crepundia sacra

Full Title: Crepundia sacra: Christliche Liedlein, an Gregorij, der Schüler Festag, und sonsten, zu singen, mit vier Stimmen zugericht

Composer: primarily Joachim a Burgk

Lyricist: Ludwig Helmbold

Publications using VolumesEditions

1 – Published 1578 – in Mühlhausen by Georg Hantzsch
2 – Published 1596 – in Mühlhausen by Andreas Hantzsch

Genre: Sacred.Voices: 4.

Description: A collection of four-part strophic settings of sacred poems in Latin and German by Ludwig Helmbold. Most of the musical works are by Joachim a Burgk, but there are also three by Johannes Eccard and one by Johann Hermann. This book was reprinted in 1589, then expanded in 1596. This second edition was reprinted in 1608 and again in 1626 as volume four of a posthumous compilation of Helmbold's work.


List of works

1578 No. 1596 No. Title Composer Comment
1 1 Age nunc parve puer Johannes Eccard
2 2 Referre nil putatur Joachim a Burgk
3 3 Agite nunc O pueri vos Joachim a Burgk
4 4 Quid gaudio putemus Joachim a Burgk
5 5 Ad peregrinationem Joachim a Burgk
6 6 Qualis Elcanae marita Johann Hermann
7 7 Daß noch viel Menschen werden Johannes Eccard
8 8 Ihr Alten pflegt zu sagen Johannes Eccard
9 9 Herr Gott, Du bist von Ewigkeit Joachim a Burgk
10 10 Höret ihr Eltern Christus spricht Joachim a Burgk
11 11 Herr Christe reich von Gaben Joachim a Burgk
12 12 Herr Gott du großer Vater Joachim a Burgk
13 13 Herr Christe sei gelobet Joachim a Burgk
14 Herr Gott erhalt uns Joachim a Burgk
14 Den Engeln gleich im Himmelreich Joachim a Burgk
15 Nur walt es Gott wir ziehen aus Joachim a Burgk
16 Woher kommt uns die neue Schul' Joachim a Burgk
17 De usu Christianarum Scholarum Joachim a Burgk replaced by 'Qui viris doctis' in 1608
18 Miserorum gemitus percipe Jesu Johann Hermann
19 O Vater in dem Himmelreich Joachim a Burgk
20 Ihr lieben Kinder danket Gott Joachim a Burgk
21 Veni Sancte Spiritus Joachim a Burgk

Works at CPDL

Edition 1 (1578)

Title Composer Year No. Subgenre Voices
Herr Gott, Du bist von Ewigkeit Joachim a Burgk 1575 9 Chorales STTB


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