Christus vincit

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General information

View the Wikipedia article on Christus vincit.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Christus vincit; Christus regnat; Christus Imperat.

Benedicto summo pontifici et universalis patri:
Pax, vita et salus perpetua.
Tempora bona veniat;
Pax Christi veniat;
Regnum Christi veniat.

Spanish.png Spanish translation

Cristo vence; Cristo reina; Cristo impera.

Benedicto sumpo pontifice y padre universal:
Paz, vida y salud perpetua.
Vengan los buenos tiempos;
Venga la paz de Cristo;
Venga el reino de Cristo

English.png English translation

Christ has overcome; Christ reigns; Christ commands.

To Benedict, pope and universal father:
Peace, life and eternal salvation.
May good times come;
May the peace of Christ come;
May Christ's kingdom come.

Latvian.png Latvian text

Kristus uzvar, Kristus valda, Kristus triumfē!

Chinese.png Chinese translation


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