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Three cheers for Raf for doing a wonderful job of this! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!

More comments once I've downloaded, printed, and perused...

--Pml 17:27:22, 2006-03-14 (PST)

Hi again,

this is a pretty good first effort at extracting this sort of info, especially since CPDL changing over to Wiki disrupted the previous system for getting this collated. The only thing really missing from this catalogue when you compare it to the last one, issued back at the start of 2005, is the number of voices required, and voicing categories. I'm not really worried that much about the other fields that were there, such as CPDL ID#, or language - usually the title of the work is a good indication of what language the text is ;-) - and the fact that each page hyperlinks to the Wiki is good enough to check whether there are MIDI or source files available for perusal as well as PDF.

Good work! --Pml 16:41:29, 2006-03-15 (PST)