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Hello all,

Finally, a new score catalog has been added! Click here to download the catalog (Large file, ~6 Mbytes, 66 pages, PDF format, Acrobat Reader required). Similar to the Composer catalog, it has active composer and score page links, meaning that if you click on a title or a composer name, a web page should open up leading to that particular score. Since this is organized by composer and title, some folks may find this easier than browsing and searching on the website.

This is a first time that CPDL has added web links to the catalog. In the process several technical issues arose, which caused some erroneous material to appear. A couple of caveats:

  • The file is very large (6 Mbytes) and very long (66 pages), which may cause problems for some computers.
  • ~300 of the page links are erroneous (they point to the wrong page in CPDL).
  • ~300 of the scores are not catalogued correctly (they are listed under 'Various').
  • There is no extra info, such as number of voices, voicing, genre, number of editions....
  • There is no Table of Contents/Index for rapid browsing of the PDF catalog.

These issues will be fixed for the next version (probably out for the summer). Until then, enjoy, and please place comments on this in the discussion page of this article.

Best regards,

Rafael Ornes
Manager, CPDL