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Hello all,

At times, errors are found in editions of music. I have developed a new way to report such errors which will alert other potential users, and make it easier for people to track them down and fix them. It is a template called 'ScoreError'. You can see if there is an error in a score when you see the following icon in a yellow box:

Error.gif Error summary - Mistranscription (Full description: view/add/edit

There is a list called Sheet music errors, which lists all pages that have been music edition errors. You can see a preview of this error report in action on the page Ein Kind geborn zu Bethlehem (Michael Praetorius). The format is presently


If find an error, then simply add this exact text to the page. All you need to do is copy the line, change 'Summary' to a short description of the actual problem, and add it to the score page. It would be best paste it at the end of line with the CPDL ID# (after the links), or after the text Edition notes:, but it can be posted anywhere. This error reporting can be used for editorial errors, broken links, incomplete scores, printing/font errors, etc. Here are several possible reports:

{{ScoreError|PDF link broken, website possibly down}}
{{ScoreError|Printing error - notes invisible}}
{{ScoreError|Editing error, m. 5, Tenor A-flat should be A-natural (see discussion page)}}

The summary should be concise. If the issue cannot be described fully, then the description should be placed on the discussion page for that score. All subsequent discussions about the score (updates, volunteering, typesetting, etc.) should take place on the discussion page. Hopefully, this will allow editors and other contributors to track down and fix problems and improve the quality of CPDL scores.

Happy reporting!

Rafael Ornes
Manager, CPDL