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The title of this page is self explanatory: a list of all scores on CPDL, indexed by CPDL number. Bracketed numbers in the table are links to an existing score page, numbers without brackets have been determined to have no current assignment. If an edition number is not yet listed in this index, it has not yet been verified.

Verified editions

1 to 125

126 to 250

251 to 375

376 to 500

501 to 750

751 to 1000

1001 to 3000

3001 to 5000

5001 to 7500

7501 to 10000

Editions 10001 to

Recommended procedure for those who wish to help with the project

Adding a listing for a page verified to exist

1) Open the appropriate "Verified Editions" pages for editing.

2) Open the score page you have verified, and intend to add to the list in another window.

3) Copy the page title. You can either re-type it exactly (capitalization, punctuation and spelling count: they must match exactly), or you can highlight the title in the page, and copy the highlighted bit. It is not recommended that you copy the URL from the browser location bar.

4) At the appropriate place in the list, type two left square brackets "[["

5) Paste the bit you copied in step three immediately after the square left brackets.

6) Type a "|".

7) Type a space.

8) Type the CPDL edition number.

9) Type two right square brackets "]]"

10) Type the command for a line break--the letters "br" enclosed in angle brackets.

11) Save the page.

If you open a page which references multiple edition numbers, please take a few moments to enter all of the edition numbers at the same time, in the appropriate place.

Adding an entry for a score number you have verified does not exist

1) Open the appropriate Verified Editions page for editing

2) At the appropriate point in the list, type three apostrophes ('); then the number you have verified not to currently be associated with a CPDL edition, then three more apostrophes. The apostrophes will make the number appear in the table in bold face.

3) Type the command for a line break--the letters "br" enclosed in angle brackets.

4) Save the page.

Noel Stoutenburg