Chansons, madrigaux et motets a 3 (Jean de Castro)

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General description

Title: Chansons, madrigaux et motetz a trois parties / Canzoni, madrigali et motetti a tre voci / Cantiones, madrigales et motetta trium vocum

Publication date and place: 1582 Antwerp: Pierre II Phalèse & Jean Bellère.

Description: 38 pieces: 7 in French, 17 in Italian & 14 in Latin

List of works

Works at CPDL

Title Language Lyricist Subgenre Vo. Voices
Anchor che co'l partire Italian Madrigals 3 SAT
E ne la face de begli occhi Italian Ludovico Ariosto Madrigals 3 STT
Er'il bel viso suo Italian Ludovico Ariosto Madrigals 3 STT
Foelix ille animi Latin Angelo Poliziano Motets 3 SST
Gionto m'hamor Italian Madrigals 3 STT
Helas ma fille French Chansons 3 SAT
Io mi son giovinetta Italian Giovanni Boccaccio Madrigals 3 SST
Io son ferito ay lasso Italian Madrigals 3 SST
Las, je n'eusse jamais pensé French Chansons 3 STT
Nasce la pena mia Italian Madrigals 3 SAT
Non mi togl'il ben mio Italian Madrigals 3 SST
Non è lasso martire Italian Madrigals 3 SAT
Quand'io penso al martire Italian Madrigals 3 STT
Quanti son poi Italian Vittoria Colonna Madrigals 3 SAT
Que sans l'aide des chaleurs French Chansons 3 SAT
Qui consolabatur me Latin Motets 3 SAT
Recordare Domine Latin Motets 3 SST
Si bien acort French Chansons 3 SAT
Veni in hortum meum Latin Motets 3 SST

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